Travel Consent Canada

Our Parental Travel Consent form Is used to grant permission for a child to travel nation wide, within a specified time frame, without a parent or guardian present.

Having this form when leaving the country is strongly advised and makes traveling with a minor, that much easier. It allows you to avoid timely interruptions and difficulties when crossing the borders and lets you focus on what's most important...Having a great trip!

Parent/Guardian Information

If you are the legal guardian of the child traveling, please fill out the following information as completely as possible.
Full Name:
Home Phone Number:
Add Cell Phone Number:
Add Work Phone Number:
Add Fax Number:
(Helpful in the case of sending medical authorization as seen below.)
Add another Parent/Guardian?

Children Information

This section is for information about the child that is traveling. Please be as specific as possible when filling out the questions.
Number of Children Traveling:
Full Name:
Birth Date:
Country of Birth:
Documentation Provided:

Passport Details

Passport Issue Date:
Passport Country of Issuance:

Escort for Travel

This section is for the adult (18+) taking the child on this trip. Accurate information is essential following.
Full Name:
Documentation Provided
Passport Issue Date:
Passport Country of Issuance:
Relationship to Guardian:
Is this Escort authorized to make medical decisions?
Will there be another Escort?

Travel Details

Please specify below when this trip will take place and any other information known about this trip.
Start Date:
End Date:
Leaving From:
Is travel limited to specific locations?

Additional Details

For the signing of this document and any other additional information you may want to specify, please complete the following.
Consent Signing Date:
Will a Notary Public be signing this document?
Would you like to add any additional information?