Travel Consent Canada Draft

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To whom it may concern:

Subject: Travel Consent

  1. , travel-consent-canada-draft make oath and say that the lawful Guardian of:
    ____________ (____________) born , in ____________ ____________ , number , issued on , in ____________.
  2. have consent to travel with ____________ (); . ____________ ____________ # ____________, issued on , in .
  3. This consent is valid for travel starting on or about , returning on or about , from and is not limited to a specific location.
  4. authorize to make emergency medical decisions on behalf, in the event that children require emergency medical treatment and cannot be reached.
  5. For further information can be reached at:
    Phone Numbers:
    • Home:


    Signed this ____ day of ______________, _________.

    Signature: _________________________________