SmartFormz Testimonials

Usability and Accessibility

“Your service was easy to use and met my needs. I don’t think there is anything
you could change. Your site is excellent.”

Michael S., CA, Promissory Note

“I really like the format of your website and the documents themselves.”

Jean R., TX, Rental Agreement

“100% satisfied. Great job, I quite enjoyed the fill in the blanks. It made this
process so much easier. It was very nice, I will use your service again.”

Mike P., NY, House Lease Agreement

“I was very impressed. I did not have any problems and your system was
easy to use.”

David D., Dallas, TX, Power of Attorney

“I looked at different sites, but this site was the easiest the surf through
and the form was the easiest to fill out.”

Jan P., FL, Rental Agreement

“This site was very easy and convenient to use. I will return.”

Kenji N., IL, Rent to Own

“Congratulations! Your website made my life easy. You have
excellent services.”

Martha L., CA, Rental/ Lease Agreement

“Hi! Excellent website! Your web site is helpful. I found lots of interesting
things here. Keep up the great work. Enjoyed the visit!”

Micheal P., San Diego, CA, Rental/ Lease Agreement

“Hello, I just wanted to say you have a very informative site which really made
me think, Thanks! …thanks very much! Have a nice Day!”

Peggy L., TX, Promissory Note

“Cool design, great info!”

Cameron A., MA, Notice to Quit

“Thank you for supplying me with all the information I needed. I can now feel safe
and knowledgable about letting my minor son travel with my sister.”

Sarah S., MT, Travel Consent

“I was skeptical at first but was really easy to use. I made my
own Promissory Note and downloaded it in fifteen minutes. I will be back!”

Judy D., GA, Promissory Note

Customer Service

“Your service was a great help, when I was stuck on a problem I received
clarification fast.”

Ava A., WA, Promissory Note

“Thank you so much for your prompt response. I intend to use your service in
the future.”

Grace T., FL, Travel Consent

“Thank you for all the help. You have a great service.”

Ian I., NC, Rental Agreement

“Thank you immensely for the help you have provided me with. I would have been
lost without this site.”

Miree L., AZ, Rent to Own

Available Documents

“Your membership service is excellent. Now I don’t have to buy a document everytime.
I can just pay one flat rate.
Easy to access any of your forms from one single
page. If I chose the wrong one it was easy to navigate back to the previous page

Lawrence N., WA, Rental Agreement

Price Comparisons

“Your site ( is fantastic. You are cheaper than some other sites
I looked at and I am very happy with my document. I will be sure to visit again
and recommend you to my friends!”

Sam B., WA, Rent to Own

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