Sublease Consent Sample

Consent To Sublease

is made and entered into this ____ day of ________, 20__ ("Effective Date"),

by and between

________________ ("Landlord")


_________________ ("Tenant")

with reference to that certain sublease (the "Sublease") dated ____________, 20__

Tenant and _____________ ("Subtenant").

  1. Tenant, as Tenant under the Lease, and Landlord have executed that certain Lease dated ________________ (the "Master Lease"), covering those certain premises and related improvements described in the attached Exhibit "A" (the "Premises").

  2. Tenant desires to sublease [all] [a portion] of the Premises to ______________ ("Subtenant") and Subtenant desires to accept a sublease in the form attached as Exhibit "B" (the "Sublease"). Landlord is willing to consent to the Sublease on the terms and conditions set forth in this Consent.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the payment by Tenant of _______________ Dollars ($________), payable on or before __________, 20__ to Landlord, the parties agree as follows:

  1. Consent to Sublease
    Landlord hereby consents to the Sublease and the transactions contemplated thereby. Landlord’s consent to the Sublease shall not be deemed to consent to:

    1. Any further or other subleasing of the Subleased Premises;

    2. Any subleasing of any other portion of the Premises, or;

    3. The subleasing of any portion of the Premises to any other subtenant or on any other or different terms than those stated in the Sublease. Tenant shall provide Landlord with a fully executed copy of the Sublease promptly after execution.

  2. Continuing Liability
    Tenant acknowledges that:

    1. Tenant shall remain primarily liable for, and shall not be released from, the full and faithful performance of all terms and conditions of the Master Lease, notwithstanding the existence of (and Landlord’s consent to) the Sublease, or any breach committed by Subtenant under the Sublease, and

    2. Landlord shall be entitled to pursue all remedies available in the event of Tenant’s breach of the Master Lease, without regard to the performance or nonperformance of the terms of the Sublease by Subtenant.

  3. Monthly Basic Rent
    Landlord and Tenant acknowledge and agree that the Monthly Basic Rent due from Subtenant under the Sublease ($______) does not exceed the Monthly Basic Rent due from Tenant under the Master Lease.

  4. Entire Agreement
    This Consent constitutes the entire agreement of Landlord and Tenant pertaining to its subject matter and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous negotiations, representations, agreements and understandings of the parties with respect to such matters, whether oral or written. The Parties acknowledge that they have not relied on any promise, representation or warranty, expressed or implied, not contained in this Consent. Parol evidence will be inadmissible to show agreement by and among the Parties to any term or condition contrary to or in addition to the terms and conditions contained in this Consent.

  5. Interpretation and Amendment
    In interpreting the language of this Consent, Landlord and Tenant shall be treated as having drafted this Consent after meaningful negotiations. The language in this Agreement shall be construed as to its fair meaning and not strictly for or against either Party. The Landlord and Tenant may modify this Consent with written documentation.

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