Canada Vacation Lease Agreement

This vacation property agreement will be created based on the answers you will provide below. Please enter as much information as relevant to ensure the most effective agreement. After you complete this questionnaire, use the button at the bottom of the page for free preview of the results.

The Property

When you choose a property type, the contract clauses will be automatically adjusted. The address field is for the address of the premises being rented.
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Landlord Information

Enter the landlord information here. In some cases a vacation home will be owned by more than one landlord, so just use the radio button to add another one.
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Renter Information

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Term Details

Vacation property is usually leased as opposed to rented, since the term doesn't renew automatically. A lease gives a tenant the right to occupy a rental unit for a set term.
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Payment Details

These details provide information on the rental fees, and other details relevant to payments.
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Premises Details

Enter details about the premises here. Remember you can edit these later.
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Tenants Maintenance Responsibilities

Please select the duties that the Tenant is required to perform during the agreement.

Additional Details

This area will allow you to add the final details to your agreement. Please select the date of the agreement. You can use the additional paragraph option to specify any other details that you would like.
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