Real Estate Purchase Agreement Sample

Real Estate Purchase

STATE OF _________________
COUNTY OF _______________

  1. PARTIES: __________________________________________________ (Seller) agrees to sell and convey to ______________________________________ (Purchaser), and the Purchaser agrees to buy from the Seller that Property described below.


    1. Land Address: (Legal Description) (insert full address)

      Municipal Address:

    2. Improvements: The house, garage and all other fixtures and improvements attached to the above described real property, including without limitation, the following permanently installed and built-in items, if any: all equipment and appliances, valances, screens, shutters, awnings, wall-to-wall carpeting, mirrors, ceiling fans, attic fans, mail boxes, television antennas, and satellite system and equipment, heating and air-conditioning units, security and fire detection equipment, wiring, plumbing and lighting fixtures, chandeliers, water softener system, kitchen equipment, garage door openers, cleaning equipment, shrubbery, landscaping, outdoor cooking equipment, and all other property owned by the Seller and attached to the above described property.

    3. Accessories: The following described related accessories if any: window air conditioning units, stove, fireplace screens, curtains and rods, blinds, window shades, draperies and rods, controls for satellite dish system, controls for garage door openers, entry gate controls, keys, mailbox keys, above ground pool, swimming pool equipment and maintenance accessories, and artificial fireplace logs.

    4. The following improvements and accessories will be retained by the Seller and excluded:
      The land, improvements and accessories are collectively referred to as the "Property".

  3. PURCHASE PRICE: The Purchase Price is $_________________ payable as follows:
    Deposit (receipt of which is hereby acknowledged) $_______________
    Cash or Certified funds due at closing $_______________

  4. FINANCING: The portion of the Purchase Price not payable in Cash will be paid as follows:

    1. Third Party Financing: One or more third party mortgage loans in the total amount of $______________ with an interest rate not exceeding ______________%. If the Property does not satisfy the lender's underwriting requirements for the mortgage, this agreement will terminate and the deposit shall be refunded to the Purchaser. (Check one of the following.)

      1. This contract is subject to the Purchaser being approved for the financing described in the attached THIRD PARTY CONDITION ADDENDUM.

      2. This contract is NOT subject to the Purchaser being approved for financing and does not involve the FHA or VA financing.

    2. Assumption: The assumption of the unpaid balance of one or more promissory notes described in the attached LOAN ASSUMPTION ADDENDUM.

    3. Seller Financing: A promissory note from the Purchaser to the Seller of $ __________ bearing interest at the rate of ____________% per annum, secured by ____mortgage, or ___vendor's and ___deed of trust liens, and containing the terms and conditions described in the attached SELLER FINANCING ADDENDUM. If an owner policy of title insurance is furnished, the Purchaser shall furnish to the Seller with a mortgagee policy of title insurance.

  5. TITLE INSURANCE: The Seller agrees to furnish to the Purchaser a standard form of title insurance commitment, issued by a company qualified to insure titles in the state of __________________, in the amount of the purchase price, insuring the mortgage against loss on account of any defect or encumbrance in the title, unless herein excepted; otherwise, the deposit money shall be refunded. The Property is sold and is to be conveyed subject to any mineral and mining rights not owned by the Seller and subject to present zoning classification.

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