Offer to Lease

Before signing a definitive lease, a landlord and tenant may sign an Offer to Lease, in which the landlord formally extends an offer to lease a property to a prospective tenant. This offer can be binding, but it doesn't usually contain all the terms that govern a formal lease. Instead, it attempts to outline and define the terms that a formal lease between the two parties might contain and describe.

Our document contains a few features that set our Offer to Lease apart from the free ones you might find elsewhere. Our Offer to Lease contains an expensing checklist system that covers Property Taxes, Common Area Charges, Management, Landlord's Property & Liability Insurance, Tenant's Property & Liability Insurance, Business Taxes and more. If you're attempting to keep track of all the charges that may apply to a lease, and whether it is the landlord or the tenant who will bear the responsibility for paying, then this checklist will save you many headaches.

In addition, we've covered the Premises, the Term, Signage, Permitted Uses of the property, and included a Right to Renew clause, which you may or may not want to include in your version of the document. The entire downloadable form can be easily edited to suit your needs in MS Word or any other text editing program.

Click here to preview a sample of this document. is currently offering this document for $11 USD. Upon purchase you will be able to download the agreement in rich text format (rtf) this will allow you to edit or format it to your specific needs in your favorite word processor.