Offer to Lease Sample

(Brokerage for the Property/Premises)

The Tenant _________________________ certifies that they have inspected the Premises as described within and hereby Offers to Lease them from the Landlord, _______________________ on the following terms and conditions:


The Premises shall comprise ________________ square feet, more or less.

Municipal Address: ________, ________________________, ___________________, __________________________ (suite #, street address, city, state or province)

Legal Description: ________, _________, ___________ (Lot #, block #, Plan # if applicable)


The Lease Term: ______ months starting on ________ ___, ____ (month, day, year) and terminating on ________ ___, ____ (month, day, year). The Tenant will have access to the premises after completing the formal lease and Leasehold Improvements.


Lessee will have the right to renew the lease for an additional _________ years, for an additional $____.00 per month rent.


Basic Monthly Rent will be payable in advance in the amount of $______.00 plus $______.00 (applicable taxes)

Costs and expenses (plus tax) for the premises, in addition to the monthly rent, shall be as designated:

The entire document is available for purchase at the price of $11 USD