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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the above parties, and those claiming under you to deliver up and quit the above-described premises you presently hold as the tenant of Failing such vacating, legal action shall be commenced to evict you. You are further notified, in any event, that your tenancy is hereby terminated as of ,
ANY MONIES TENDERED BY THE TENANT and accepted by the landlord or its agent after the receipt of this notice, will be accepted for the use and occupancy only and not as rent and without in any way waiving any rights under this notice to quit and termination notice. The landlord reserves the right to accept such monies without establishing any new tenancy. You will in any event be responsible for the use and occupancy charges for the time you occupy the premises.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that failure to respond to this notice on or before the date specified in the paragraph above, shall result in due process of law for eviction and collection of amounts due to be commenced and for other remedies available to landlord for which you will be responsible for costs and attorney fees.
This notice is given pursuant to paragraph __________ of your rental agreement dated , .
LANDLORD: _________________________

DATED: This ____ day of ______________, _________