Tips for making your rental property more appealing

The rental market is on the rise, with a little effort you can turn a new or existing property into an investment property. However, this is not a guarantee that you will get tenants. You have to make your house look appealing as compared to your competitors around you.

Although rent prices tend to influence the decisions of most prospective tenants, statistics show that well-maintained houses have low vacancy rates.

Most potential tenants can be discriminative and particular on where they want to live so as a property owner you need to make your house inviting. You will not only get new tenants, but it will save you broker/agent costs.

Do you have a rental property that you want to rent out? The following are five quick tips for making your property more appealing.

Improve your curb appeal

How people see your house from far determines whether they will check out the house or not. An excellent curb appeal will attract a prospective tenant who is house hunting. One sure way of improving the curb appeal is working on the landscaping of your home.

You can; remove any weeds around the house, plant flowers and plants especially the ones with bright colors, mowing the yard and many other ways.

Clean the floors and the walls

How clean the house looks from the inside will determine whether the tenant will take the house or not. If the building is not new, you can use the help of cleaning services to scrub the
floor and make it shine. If it is cracked and old, you might consider flooring it again.

For the walls, you might consider adding another coat of painting. This will make your house look cleaner and newer. Using bright colors such as white makes the room look bigger.

Maximize the lighting and fresh air in the house

A dark and stuffy room will be a turn off to a potential tenant who is checking out the house. Ensure enough light and air is getting into the building by opening up all the windows in the

If the showing is happening at night, ensure the outside of your house is well lit by adding a few security lights.

Make more space

Every tenant is looking for a spacious house where all his or her belonging will fit. One way of doing this is keeping the rooms clutter free. You can achieve this by getting rid of old
furniture and appliances.

Create an ample space by adding shelves where tenants will be able to store their stuff.

Advertise online

These days you just can’t ignore the power of the internet especially social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Posting beautiful pics of your house and the amenities surrounding it will attract new tenants.

When you search on search engines, you will find various websites near you that you can use to advertise your house at no cost. It will not only get you a tenant fast but also save you
a few bucks that you would use to hire a broker.