Creating a great rental ad

Finding the perfect tenant for your rental space can be a little bit difficult. The ad that you put up to sell the space can ensure that you fill the space as soon as possible at your choice of rent. Obviously you would want an ad that will stand out among dozens of similar ads or maybe hundreds of listings. The internet ensures that more and more people will see your ad online. Any landlord would want to have the maximum number of clicks on his ad only but this can only happen when an effective rental ad is created. Here are 5 tips for writing a great rental ad –

Include a Vivid Description of your Property

Advertising on the internet gives the landlord a huge advantage over newspaper classifieds section. The internet ad can use as much space as necessary to paint a picture of the rental space. There is no need to use abbreviations that are basically very confusing and hence can be easily avoided. The body of the ad will give the apartment seeker all the relevant information that she or she may need to make the decision. The ad must vital information like the availability of schools, beaches and restaurants in the vicinity of the apartment building. The ad must create a desire in the potential tenant to live in that particular space.

Write a Catchy Headline

The best opportunity to garner interest for your ad is through an eye-catching headline. The headline should include the maximum amount of information and deliver a clear message about the space that is available for renting. However one must avoid using the same overused words that the other ads are using in their headlines. The headline should stand out from the others and induce a potential tenant.

List your Requirements and Contact Info

Describing the space is mandatory but it is also very important to list the rental terms and the contact information of the landlord in the rental advertisement. The tenant needs to know the estimated rental amount, the period of rental agreement, whether pets are allowed and the best times to contact the landlord.

Pictures are Worth More

There are many tenants who will never look at a rental ad if there are no photographs. The photos should include a number of essential shots like – the master bedroom, the exterior of the building, the kitchen and the living room. One must take time to capture photos that have the best angles and lighting. However, one must clean up the apartment as much as possible before taking any photographs.

Check your Grammar

Always check the ad for possible grammatical or spelling issues before posting it online. Ads that are full of avoidable errors are a real turn-off for people. One needs to utilize the online spelling and grammar tools to make the content totally error-free. One must also ensure that the ad does not include any discriminating or abusive language as it will put the landlord in big trouble. One should also not include anything like preference for a couple without kids as this can be a huge mistake for any rental ad.