Landlord Information

Natural Disasters and Rental Properties

A natural disaster can be described as an extreme natural phenomenon. They have the potential to cause massive property damage, loss of life and injury to people. Every year there are earthquakes, floods, droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes, and wildfires. All of these wreak havoc with properties. To best prepare for natural disasters obviously depends of the region […]

Steps to Help Find the Best Deals in Rent to Own Homes

The process of buying your next home should not puzzle you. This is regardless of whether you are considering the option for the first time or not. There are some things that you should consider to alleviate the confusion. Today, if your plan is to find the best rent to own homes, your first step […]

Help with small kitchen spaces

One of the common problems encountered with kitchens is using up the limited space available. Everyone cannot afford to have big lavish kitchens. Such people have to compromise with small kitchens. It can be troublesome to organize the kitchen appliances in such a situation. However, there are some ways to make up for the limited […]

Going Green as a Landlord

The function of the landlords in the housing industry is not only to provide good quality living premises and services to satisfy their tenants but also use the most cost efficient means to ensure that the business will survive through even the toughest of economic times. By going green, landlords aim to save as much […]

Why do I need a Lease Agreement?

Regardless if you are about to move into your first apartment or if you are leasing space for your expanding business, chances are that you will be signing a lease agreement. Before you do, however, it is wise to learn a little bit about that piece of paper that you are signing. A lease agreement […]

Kitchen Remodeling on a budget

Remodelling a kitchen can be very expensive. But it’s not that difficult to stay on your budget, especially if you get your priorities sorted out by knowing where to spend money and where to cut back. Here are a few helpful tips for remodelling your kitchen in the most cost-effective manner. One of the first […]

Updating your bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling can be a fun DIY project and can increase the value of your home or rental property. Bathroom renovation costs can mount up very quickly. Below are a few tips for keeping your budget in check. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas over a Budget 1.Tile costs can mount up quickly. Consider limiting where tiles should […]

Creating a great rental ad

Finding the perfect tenant for your rental space can be a little bit difficult. The ad that you put up to sell the space can ensure that you fill the space as soon as possible at your choice of rent. Obviously you would want an ad that will stand out among dozens of similar ads […]

Managing what you charge for rent

The demand for rental properties is constantly changing, as the property market moves so to should your rent. While it is rare for you to drop your rent, it can happen, in this article we will talk about managing expectations and getting the most you can for your rental property. You should keep in mind […]

Showing Your Property to Prospective Tenants

Showing a rental property to potential tenants can be stressful. If you do own a complex or have several identical units, you may be able to keep one pristine “showroom.” This allows you around-the-clock access to a furnished example of a current dwelling, without having to worry about displacing a current tenant or wondering about […]