Commercial Lease Canada

Use SMARTFORMZ to quickly create your customized Commercial Rental/Lease Agreement.

This document will allow you to outline the terms and conditions for renting or leasing a commercial premises, covering essential landlord/tenant issues such as lease duration, rent, address, terms, and a variety of additional options for complete customization. More Lease Info

If you are leasing residential property you may be interested in our Residential Rental/Lease Agreement. If you are a landlord you may also be interested in our Rental Application to help in your tenant screening process.

Landlord Information

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Tenant Information

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The Premises

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The Term

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The Business Details

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The Payment Details

These details provide information on the fees and penalties associated with the Rental Payment.
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Please specify the square footage of entire premises space: square feet
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Security Deposit Amount: $
Penalty for bounced checks Amount: $
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Additional Details

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