The Importance Of Transferable Skills When Planning Careers

Choosing a career has never been easy. Very few people actually decide upon the one career that they will enter into upon leaving education and stick with it for the rest of their working lives. However, with an increasing number of potential careers available to you it is getting more difficult to choose between them all, which is why you may like to work on certain transferable skills.

If you do not know what career path you wish to take just yet then you can actively work on transferable skills that may give you a better chance in any given industry. Employers actively look for these skills because they make an individual more rounded and tend to also give him or her the ability to do any given job a little better than others with no similar transferable skills behind them. So what transferable skills do you need for careers progression?

There are many transferable skills that could help you to progress along your chosen career path, whatever that may be. In fact, transferable skills are fast becoming as sought after as educational and industrial qualifications. The list below should give you an idea of the skills you will need and those you should work on:

  • Communication Skills – If you can effectively communicate with people and get your point across then you stand a much better chance of getting a job and then progressing within a company because it is a desirable skill. Communication is a huge part of every job so it is an absolutely essential skill.
  • IT Skills – The vast majority of careers incorporate some sort of technological work today. Whether you have to use a computer and various programs or operate machinery, having IT skills is a must. It also demonstrates your ability to embrace technology, which is a must for employers.
  • Organisational Skills – This applies to everyone with a career and not just management as many people think. Being able to organise yourself and prioritise your work is essential, especially if you do wish to impress and move on up in your chosen field. This is closely linked to careers in terms of motivation as well. If you can motivate yourself then you will definitely enjoy a happy career and achieve a measure of job satisfaction.
  • Teamwork Ethics – You have to be able to work well alone and as part of a team for any employer to benefit so the ability to work well in a team and put personal differences aside is important.Now you know what transferable skills are important and will help you to do well in your chosen career then you have a good starting point for self improvement of your careers options and opportunities!