The Basics Of Resume Writing

Resume writing is an art. It is an essential art that everyone really needs to learn during the course of their lives because it can make the difference between being offered your dream job and falling at the last hurdle. However, many people do not know how to write one effectively.

Writing resumes is harder than it actually sounds because you have so many factors to consider. Certain industries like different types of resume, and then there is the correct layout to consider. It is important to get your resume noticed and read. The basics below will help you to do just that:

  • Keep It Short And Sweet – No resume should be any longer than two pages. However, it should not be any shorter than one full page either. Keep the language short and to the point because it is the Internet that is for expanding on your experience and not your resume. Think of it as a quick introduction to you and your skills!
  • Try Several Formats – Do not rigidly stick to one layout for your resume. Instead, try several different ones. Try a skills based resume, a chronological resume and a constructed resume. The latter is one that is tailored to a specific advertisement. Find the one that works for you.
  • Pay Attention To Detail – Be sure to check your resume over and over again. Slight spelling mistakes and syntax errors will cast a dark shadow over your resume so make sure it works well and is punctuation perfect, so to speak!
  • Remain Objective – Do not use your resume as a promotional tool. It should be factual and completely objective because your skills and qualifications should speak for themselves. Do not speak in the first person. It should always be written in the first person so it appears to be honest and thoroughly accurate.

If in doubt when writing your resume, ask someone you trust for feedback or consult resources on the Internet. If you get these basics right then your resume will get you a lot of attention.