The Basics Of Resume Writing

Resume writing is an art. It is an essential art that everyone really needs to learn during the course of their lives because it can make the difference between being offered your dream job and falling at the last hurdle. However, many people do not know how to write one effectively. Writing resumes is harder […]

Resume Distribution Services: The Benefits

There have been many websites founded in recent years to try and help those individuals looking for a job or indeed looking for a better job. Whether you are looking for a career or simply a change, these services have made it much easier to make you noticeable to employers. One of the most fundamental […]

Make A Good First Impression With Personal Cover Letters

When applying for any job, it is absolutely necessary to make a good first impression the first time that you come into contact with a potential employer. Many people may automatically assume that the previous sentence refers to an interview but that is not the case. If you have been asked to send a resume […]

The Importance Of Transferable Skills When Planning Careers

Choosing a career has never been easy. Very few people actually decide upon the one career that they will enter into upon leaving education and stick with it for the rest of their working lives. However, with an increasing number of potential careers available to you it is getting more difficult to choose between them […]

Choosing Your Career Moves Carefully When Changing Industries

Fifty years ago many people had jobs for life. They would get a job straight out of school and stay at the same workplace for years to come because of the lack of choice. However, that is not the case today and more people are changing careers than ever before. Career moves are not uncommon […]

Online Job Searches: The Correct Way To Do It!

Twenty or thirty years ago you would have had limited means to search for a job or a career path to follow. Local newspapers and flyers in stores would have been the best possible ways to learn of jobs in the local area. You may have even been able to ask friends and family whether […]