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Residential and Commercial Property Forms

Rental/Lease Agreement Forms

A Rental Agreement is a contract that sets down the terms to be followed while the tenant occupies the rental unit...[more]

Rent to Own Forms

A Rent to Own agreement gives tenants the option to purchase the premises after a defined period of time, while some or all of the rent fees or lease fees will be deducted from the purchase price.

Landlord and Tenant Forms

These notice forms allow the Landlord and Tenant to communicate in writing.

Sublease Forms

This agreement is used by a tenant to sublease part or all of his residence to another for a portion or the remainder of his lease term.

Rental Application

This form provides basic information about a prospective tenant and the tenant's financial history. Have your prospective tenant complete and sign the form.

Check in/out List

A free download that provides an example of what to examine on your rental property walkthrough.

Sales and Loan Forms

Promissory Note

Contract between a borrower and a lender that includes all the terms and conditions under which the borrower promises to repay the loan...[more]

Sales Agreement

This Sale Agreement is designed to be used for the purpose of buying or selling any assets, vehicles, equipment, and more. Our sale agreement will allow you to set forth the terms, provisions and conditions of a sale.

Bill of Sale Form

A bill of sale is a written document that transfers a title to personal property. Different bill of sale forms are used for different types of property. For example, bill of sale automobile, bill of sale motorcycle etc.

Business and Employment Forms

When hiring contractors, consultants, or freelancers, you need a written contract to outline the services provided and to specify the terms and conditions of your agreement. Our Service Agreement is fully customizable to suit your needs.

An agreement between two parties whereby they agree to maintain confidential information received from the other party. The confidentiality agreement requires the signers to not disclose information to people unrelated to the agreement. A confidentiality agreement should be signed before a prospective seller and buyer, employer and employee or anyone else exchanges any information.

Family Forms

Whether traveling alone or accompanied by an adult, each child must travel with his own travel documents plus supporting documentation: i.e. birth certificate showing the names of both parents and/or legal documents pertaining to custody...[more]

Miscellaneous Forms

Affidavit Forms
An Affidavit is a written and sworn statement witnessed by a notary public or another official possessing the authority to administer oaths. Affidavits may be admitted into evidence.